Once every two years, Absolute Dance puts on a show when every student gets the opportunity to participate.  In 2016, the school will put on another spectacular event called "Musicalities".

Below you will find some information that will guide you through the show process, it's costs, and hopefully answer any other questions you may have regarding the show..

  • Show Fee

The show fee is £30 per child.  As we approach the actual show dates, there will be a minimal additional fee to cover the cost of the rehearsal.  We will need to rehearse the whole show as one, so this cost will cover the venue hire.

  • Costumes

Each child will be provided with a costume, and this is covered in the show fee.  Costumes, however, do remain the property of Absolute Dance.  Any damage or loss will have to be paid for by the person responsible for that costume. 

The only additional cost for costumes would be ballet tights/socks/shoes/make-up & hair bits.

  • Insurance & Licences

Insurance & licences are covered in the above show fee.  There is no additional cost for insurance or licences.

  • Chaperones

Chaperones are required during the shows as there are over 200 students participating.  Anyone wishing to act as a chaperone needs to apply to their local borough council for a license.  Licences must be obtained through YOUR local borough and can be applied for online.  There should be no cost for these. 

Please read all additional information relating to all Chaperones and Parents here.


There will be at least two shows, and all students enrolled at the school, from Tiny Tots Ballet to Adults take part.  ALL students are required for both finales.

Please take a moment to read the Rehearsal Schedule here.

  • Additional Information

If you require any additional information about the show, please contact our admin team here, and they will be happy to assist you with any enquiries.


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