Below are the terms and conditions that you must accept once you enrol as a pupil at Absolute Dance. Section 01 covers our standard tuition payments terms and conditions and Section 02 covers our private tuition payments terms and conditions, and Section 03 covers our General terms and conditions for the school.

If you have any queries regarding any of the information below, please don't hesitate to contact us at admin@absolutedance.uk.com



1)   Invoices will be sent via Paypal and payment can be made via paypal/BACs/Cash or Cheque (£1 processing fee will be applied on any cheque payment- this is set by our bank)

2)     If you make a payment in full by the specified invoice due date you will be refunded any admin charge that has been paid.

3)     Failure to make any payments before or on the specified invoice due date could result in your child being removed from the class and their place being offered to the next person on the waiting list.

4)     No refund of admin charges will be made to any payments received after the specified due invoice due date

5)     No refund of fees will be given for none attendance by students - this is common practice in dance schools as it deters from poor attendance and results in a higher standard of work.

6)     Refunds will only be given if Absolute Dance has had to cancel a class - in this situation you will be issued a credit note against the following invoice and notified by email/text as early as possible.

7)     For each 4 week period (commencing from the day after the invoice due date) that any payment or balance is unpaid a £5 late charge will be added and your child(ren) will be removed from their class(es) and their places allocated to someone else.

8)     Absolute Dance reserves the right to change prices, timetable, or shop prices without notice, however we will endeavor to notify parents as early as possible.

9)     All new applicants are required to pay the £10 registration fee at their first trial and will receive 2 weeks of free trials.  (These trials must be consecutive weeks).

10)  Payments for Standard tuition are priced per class but paid in 5 or 6 week installments. The first week of payment is the first week after trial 2.

11)  We appreciate that at this particular time of year making payments can be difficult, please contact the office if you require more time or would prefer a payment plan. If we do not know of any payment difficulties you will still be liable to pay any admin or late fee charges on the outstanding payments.

12)  If you wish to discontinue any classes, half a terms (6 weeks) notice must be given in writing (email or letter). Failure to provide enough written notice will incur the cost of the following half term (6 weeks) which you will be liable to pay.

13)  Upon paying your first invoice (written or paypal) you hereby agree to our Terms and conditions as laid out above.



1)     Payments must be made in full by Paypal/Bacs before or in cash at the first lesson.  No Payment = no lesson.

2)     Whilst our teachers appreciate your notice of cancellation all payments and room bookings are handled through the office so you must contact us first.

3)     Less than 2 days’ notice on cancellations = £12.50 cancellation fee (30 mins) or £18.25 (for 45mins) will be charged

4)     Please give 24hr notice if you’re too ill.

5)     The FULL lesson fee will be charged in case of non-attendance or less than 24hr notice of non-attendance.

6)     Due to the private tuition schedule if you’re late for your lesson you will forfeit any time & cost.  The studio & halls are all used after we finished and so we cannot run late, you must arrive in time for your lesson so as to not waste time getting dressed etc.

7)     If you wish to discontinue any classes, half a terms (6 weeks) notice must be given in writing (email or letter). Failure to provide enough written notice will incur the cost of the following half term (6 weeks) which you will be liable to pay.



1)    Dance is a physical activity and every precaution will be taken to ensure that the student’s safety is optimum whilst at Absolute Dance. 

2)    Students must wear the correct, regulation uniform & Hair style as specified on our website - this is can be purchased through us at your dance class.  It is compulsory to wear correct uniform to your class so that teachers can see the body and correct placements and lines to achieve the optimum in the dance class and prevent injuries from students working incorrectly.  Long hair should be worn in a Bun for all ballet classes and tied back off the face and neck for all other dance classes.  If hair is too short for a bun then a hair band must be purchased from us to be worn.

3)    During your dance class at Absolute Dance physical contact maybe necessary when correcting and/or demonstrating

4)    Absolute Dance does not accept liability for any injury or accident.

5)    Absolute Dance does not accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items, however any items that are left behind will be put in the lost property box.

6)    Students will be put forward for their dance exam or competitions only when they have reached the correct age requirement (as laid out by the examining board) AND when they have reached the standard needed to pass the exam.  This is at the individual teacher’s discretion and the final decision lays with the Principal.

7)    Teachers/Staff/Chaperones must be notified at the beginning or at the earliest point possible within your dance class/show/competition regarding any injury or illness.

8)    The number of students per class is strictly restricted to 18 to ensure that the class receives the highest possible quality of teaching.  A waiting list will be drawn up for any classes that are full.             

9)    Parents/Guardians are only permitted to watch Baby Ballet and Tiny Tots Ballet or any exam coaching class and the request of the teacher (Max of 2 parents or guardians per child)

10)  No buggies or Prams will be permitted into the dance studio - for health, safety & hygiene reasons.  There are no exceptions.  Baby car seats are permitted only.

11)  Any parents/guardians/siblings watching a dance class must NOT record or take photos without prior permission from both the teacher and the other parents/guardians. This is for Child Protection and anyone caught taking photo or videos without prior permission will be required to delete the footage in front of the teacher.

12)  Anyone watching a class must have their Phone/Games/Ipad’s on silent and remain seated throughout the lesson so as not to cause a disruption or distraction within the class.

13)  If you arrive late for your lesson you must WAIT for the teacher to let you enter your class at a suitable time so as to not disrupt or distract the other students.  An apology MUST be made to the teacher out of curtesy and respect- regardless of the age of the student   (Parents should apologize on behalf of the student if the student is young).

14)  Once in the studio - Parents/guardians/siblings watching a class will not be permitted to enter or exit whilst a class is in progress.  It is extremely distracting for the younger students having observers walking in/out or around the room.  If someone wishes to watch a class they must arrive before the class start time.

15)   Any student representing the school either through shows, competitions, auditions or professional work must wear the absolute dance tracksuit and conduct themselves in a professional, polite and respectful manner at all times.  Parents/guardians will also be required to be polite, respectful and professional at all times when supporting their child at these events.

16)   Students who represent the school at competitions, auditions and professional work must take at least 1 class per week in the relevant dance style.  Ballet class is compulsory for participating at competitions, auditions & professional work.


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